About Chris

232323Christopher Wyatt

(Disclaimer: This photo is not me, but very close. I actually did a doubletake when I saw it because I thought it was me.)

M/M erotica writer, avid podcast listener, proud pet dad, recently widowed, LGBTQ rights advocate.

I have always known that I wanted to be a writer. But even though I wrote many stories and poems and the like through my early teens, none of my work ever had any real focus. There was nothing that truly inspired me.

When I was fifteen my family went on a skiing vacation and being a bit of a clutz in those years, I fractured my ankle trying to ski down a beginner’s slope. Trapped indoors for a week — this is before tablets and cell phones and the like — the only thing I had to entertain me through the day was reading early teen romance novels my sister had brought with her. By the end of that week, I had found my muse: romance.

Of course being a blossoming, yet still closeted gay boy, my stories were always about boys and girls falling in love. But looking back, those were some of the gayest acting straight boys ever written.

The only person who I was out to was my best friend DJ. He was straight, but was raised in a very liberal family who owned a Bohemian style bookstore and video rental where we often went after school to do homework or read the latest comics or magazines. There was a section in the back that was adults only. Both of us often tried to get a peek as to what was back there, but as it wasn’t far from the front counter there was always someone  — usually his mom — watching.

One afternoon just shortly before I was seventeen I was looking through a section of books on a high shelf when I noticed two magazines stuck between two large books on a shelf. I pulled them out and immediately felt a rush of excitement run through me. They both had shirtless men on the covers. I immediately thought they must be magazines for women. I looked through them quickly as my heart raced at the thought of getting caught looking at photos of nude men.

As I looked around, seeing no one watching, it was then I did something that both caused me a great deal of guilt — stealing from my friend’s family — and helped me find the passion that would one day blossom into a full time career. I shoved the magazines into my backpack, ran home and locked myself in my room.

When I had finally devoured every photo of naked men I started reading the stories. Only to my surprise there were no women in these these tales, only men. And the explicit descriptions of the sex had my mind and body on overload. I was hooked. By the time I finished reading the entire magazine, I knew I wanted to write erotica.

I no longer tried to cloak my writing with female characters. I wrote no holds barred sex romps featuring television characters, lustful Greek gods seducing one another and my romantic stories went from innocent kissing to full on erotic adventures.

This blog is a collection of my personal experiences and random short erotica. Names and some details have been changed, of course. Sex is sometimes funny, sometimes awkward, sometimes life-changing. Hopefully the stories on this blog will entertain.

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