The Locker Room

(For Satyr69)

I was a freshly out of the closet 18-year-old searching for the perfect college. My older brother who had attended college on the East coast had invited me to come see what his school had to offer. He shared a small house with two of his college buddies. A stocky, 6 foot tall blond named Nate and  a shy, 6’4″, fair-skinned guy with black hair and bright blue eyes named Steve. Steve had a crooked nose that was almost too large for his face and perpetual 5 o’clock shadow.

During the week, while my brother was off at work, Steve had been put in charge of showing me a good time. So far that had included several days of waiting for my brother and Nate to leave and then getting naked in their hot tub and exchanging blow jobs, as well as a brief frottage-fucking encounter while he wore a Hockey Mask.

Steve was 24, soft-spoken, very smart, and still in the closet. When I asked him why he didn’t come out, he explained that he was on the fast track to a career as a Hockey Player and didn’t want to jeopardize that, though he added he wasn’t ashamed of being gay. Being newly out myself, and having seen the world around me change in reaction to my proclamation of gaydom, I understood his concerns. Even those of us with the easiest of coming-out-stories still see changes in the way people behave towards us.

One afternoon he invited me to one of his team’s practice sessions. With nothing better to do, I accompanied him to an ice rink near the college and sat in the stands while his team divided into two groups for practice. Steve was the goalie, and from what I saw, a damn good one. He had only missed blocking one goal the entire two hours of practice.During those two hours, I gained an appreciation for the sport and even found myself holding my breath at several points rooting for the players on Steve’s side to win.

After practice, I sat in the hall on some steps outside the locker room waiting for Steve. I was positioned so that every time the door opened, I was able to see inside and have a quick look at the players walking around in their towels and jocks. One by one they exited the locker room until it seemed everyone must have left except Steve. I waited another 10 minutes or so, then started to wonder if maybe there was another exit and I had missed him. He wouldn’t have left me here, would he? Maybe he was out by his car? But I was sure I hadn’t seen him leave.

Gathering my courage, I went to the locker room door and pushed it open, looking inside. I didn’t see anyone, nor could I hear anyone moving around. “Steve,” I called out, only hearing the slight echo of my own voice answer me back. The air was warm and damp from the showers and the smell was a ripe mixture of sweat, soap and cologne. I entered and walked slowly passed one of the rows of lockers while keeping an eye out for Steve, half expecting him to jump out from behind something wearing his goalie mask. Past another row of lockers and around a partition was a large open area with showerheads coming out of the walls. There was no sign of anyone.

I turned down a slight hallway, at the end of which were two large garbage cans. As I reached them, I found one overflowing with damp towels. The second was full of sweaty uniforms. I picked up one of the jerseys, feeling the material, then slowly lifted it to my nose and took a small breath. The smell was strong and musky – the smell of a man. Under the jersey, I found a half obscured jock strap. I picked it up, turned it over to read the name “Duncan” written inside the band, then slowly, lifted the inside of the jockstrap pouch to my face. I took a quick sniff, then enjoying the aroma, inhaled again more slowly. Every part of my body came alive while my mind felt as if it had slipped into a trance-like state. I took another breath and held it, letting the smell burn itself into my memory. Then, as if coming to, I remembered where I was and placed the jock back on the pile, covered it with the Jersey and began to turn back to the locker room.

Just then, I felt arms reach around me, one pinning my arms to my body, the other covering my mouth. I instinctively struggled but the person holding me was much stronger and larger and determined not to let go. “Shhh …” I heard whispered in my ear. I stopped struggling and stood absolutely still. After a few moments, the hand on my stomach moved slowly down to my crotch and gave my still hard cock a squeeze.

“You like smelling jocks?” I heard Steve’s voice whisper in my ear. His hand let go of my mouth and moved to the pile of dirty clothes, uncovering the jock I had sniffed. He picked it up, brought it to my face and held it over my nose, all the while his other hand massaged my dick through my pants. I then felt his lips began to kiss the back of my neck, making me shiver. The more I reacted, the more aggressive he got, licking and biting his way from one side of my neck to the other. I slipped my hand behind me to find his crotch and instead found his hard, 7 inch uncut meat – he was nude. He let out a grunt, his body jerking forward against me as I wrapped my fingers around his shaft.

I rubbed his cock as he continued his assault on the back on my neck and his left hand started to pull open the front of my pants. Once open, he yanked them down far enough to expose my ass and free my leaking dick. He took my precum in the palm of his hand and rubbed it around the head of my cock making me push back against him from the increased sensitivity. I gasped for air, my butt pressing against his cockhead as I continued to rub the shaft of it with my hand.

Without a word, he pushed me into the wall, took the large garbage can of Hockey uniforms and tipped it over letting them spill out onto the floor. He pushed the empty can away, grabbed my arm and maneuvered me to my knees where he then pushed me face first onto the pile of uniforms. The smell of them was as overwhelming as it was intoxicating; my dick was throbbing as it pressed down into the pile of sweat covered material.

Behind me, Steve moved to all fours, his hands rubbing my asscheeks, massaging them, pulling them apart and running his thumbs over the flesh in between. As his fingers began stroking my hole I began pushing back against them, arching my back and enjoying the sensation. After several moments of this, he pulled my ass open and planted his face fast and hard inside. As his tongue found my hole and tried to press inside of me I let out surprised yelp. It was the first time I had ever been rimmed and it was an experience I would never forget. The feelings coursing through my body were indescribable and overwhelming – the more he worked his tongue inside of me, the stronger they got. Then, as quickly as he had started, he stopped.

I lay there catching my breath, surrounded by the smell of men when I felt his fingers again against my hole – this time they were slick and probing. When they disappeared, I felt him move over me and something much larger than fingers press into my ass. I quickly reached behind me and grabbed his cock, assuring myself that he was wearing a condom. When I felt his raging latex-wrapped cock, I then guided it to my opening and letting go, raised my hips to help accommodate him. He went slowly, making certain to give me time to adjust to his prick sliding inside of me. When he was all the way in, he laid his full weight on top of me. and began sucking on the back of my neck.

Slowly his hips started to move, swaying back and forth, moving his cock in and out of me. I began to moan each time he pushed his 7 inches back into me. The faster he began to ride me, the louder I was becoming. The feeling of his 6’4″ body pressing down on mine and his cock now pushing in and out of my ass at a rapid speed was setting every nerve of my body on fire and it was radiating out of my throat. His movement stopped abruptly and I opened my eyes to see his right hand digging through the pile of clothing until it found a jockstrap. He wadded it into a ball in his hand and brought it to my face, shoving it into my mouth before I had time to even realize it. He then began fucking me at full speed, his arms laced under my shoulders and using them for leverage to help him drill into me even harder and faster.

My moans and cries of pleasure were now muffled by the jock in my mouth; a jock that had been pressed against the dick and balls of one of the Hockey players I had watched on the ice today. The taste of it, the smell of it and Steve plowing my ass at top speed making my cock rub against the sweaty uniforms under me finally sent me over the edge. I was coming; my body stiff and shaking, I could feel my cock jettisoning my seed underneath me and my asshole tightening around Steve’s still invading prick.

“Oh fuck!” He hissed in a desperate whisper. “Fuuuuck!” He was coming. He held me so tightly, his cock making several quick thrusts, holding inside of me, then several more and again holding. We laid there for several moments before I took the jock out of my mouth and felt his cock pull out of me. He stood, offered me a hand to help me up and before making an attempt to clean up after ourselves, he pulled me to his naked, furry body and kissed me slowly and tenderly.

“I hope you choose this college,” he said afterward, then reluctantly began to scoop the uniforms back into the garbage can.