Eden’s Bay Residents

Eden’s Bay is an fun, scandalous, over-the-top erotic weekly serial by Christopher Wyatt. It’s not meant to be taken seriously and will most likely offend everyone at some point.

Residents of Eden’s Bay

Ben Jerrick
Prize winning Journalist and Our Voices” Magazine Editor
Alec’s LTR

Alec Pieper
Lawyer at Fisher-Cannon Law Offices
Ben’s LTR

Alan Devere
Publisher of Our Voices Magazine

Dr. Beatrice Devere
Alan’s Mother – Evil Bitch

Chase Ballard
Rival Editor – Ben’s College BF

Elise Ballard
A Publishing Giant – Chase’s Mother

Shaun Darringer
Coffee Shop Owner – Brian’s LTR

Brian Boedin
Coffee Shop Owner – Shaun’s LTR

Billy Cordova
New Police Recruit

Ted Grainger
Police Officer

Chad Bowing aka Diamond
Rent Boy/Salesman

Reanne Grainger
Nurse – Ted’s Sister – Alec’s BFF

Max Broussard
Owner of Skin Dance Club

Cody O’Neil
Barback – Max’s Boyfriend

Scotty Bowers
Owner of The Bulge Bar

Aaron Bellmont
A.A. Zealot – Scotty Bower’s Ex

Peter Martin
State Senator

Reece Ferguson
HIV Clinic Worker – Susan’s Estranged Son

Susan Ferguson
Ben & Alec’s Gun Toting Next Door Neighbor

Bill Green
Executive Director of Response HIV Clinic