The Married Man

So, I haven’t posted on this blog in over a year, but I still get lots of awesome followers. Thank you all for the kind words and interest in my work. Life kinda derailed for me a while back, I won’t go into details, but I had to set writing aside for a while. I am happy to announce a short collection of stories about my experiences in college will be out next month. I’ll be putting it out independently, so could use all the word of mouth you guys can give it! In the meantime, here’s a story that will be in a later collection to thank you all for your support and encouragement! — Chris.


The Married Man
By Christopher Wyatt

My friend Jayden won a weeklong, all expenses paid vacation for two to a gay resort in Mexico from a charity fundraiser we had attended at one of the local boy bars. He was adamant that I take the trip with him because, as he put it, “You need to stop being so boring.” So I arranged to take a week off work and the two of us headed to what was supposed to be seven days of fun in the sun — with 500 or so other gay guys and nearly naked Latino men paid to wait on us hand and foot.

When we arrived, we were surprised to find ourselves by far the youngest guys at the resort — except for the scantily clad employees — as we had come in the middle of gay seniors’ week. Some might think this was a bad thing, but neither of us found any problem with being fawned over by a bunch of well-to-do silver daddies.

We had been there for two days when a neighboring resort was forced to close down, displacing hundreds of vacationing families. All the resorts in the area, including ours, readily opened their doors to the refugees — and the additional cash flow. The people who stayed at our resort were mostly younger straight couples who were gay-friendly, or families with older teenagers who were often overheard saying they were “cool with the gay thing.” Jayden and I ignored them, focusing on the many older men buying us drinks and showering us with nonstop attention.

One afternoon I was sitting alone at one of the poolside tables when a shirtless man in his 40s asked if the other chairs at the table were being used. Expecting him to take them, I told him no. Instead, he sat down next to me. I gave him a sideways glance and found myself appreciating the view. He was average height, pale except where the sun was beginning to burn him, slightly pudgy around the middle, but had large round pecs covered in a light red fuzz. His blond hair was cut in a typical conservative businessman style and graying at the temples. His legs were thick and muscular, covered with curly blond hair which travelled up under his obnoxiously bright Bermuda shorts which seemed several sizes too small as they were hugging what looked to be a sizable package.

Within seconds, a painfully thin woman with enormous breasts and one too many facelifts took the chair next to him, followed by her two kids, an 18-year-old son and a 16-year-old daughter. The woman immediately started complaining while the kids looked at me as though I were on display in a sideshow.

“Are you a gay?” the daughter asked.

“Cynthia!” the woman snapped. “That’s not polite. Of course he’s a gay; look at that flat stomach.” She looked to both father and son., “The two of you should try lifting a weight now and again.”

I suddenly felt extremely self-conscious, but before I could make an excuse to leave the man extended his hand to me. “I’m Bill,” he introduced himself. “That’s Cynthia, Marc, and my wife Patty.”

I shook his hand. “Chris.”

“My brother’s name is Chris,” Patty said flatly. “But he wasn’t gay.”

“You keep on believing that,” Bill told her, which provoked an argument that ended in Patty asking me if I thought being gay ran in a family’s genes. Before I could even answer, their son announced distastefully, “Well, I ain’t no fag.”

“I’m not a fag, Marc,” Patty exclaimed. “Speak correctly! How do you intend to get a decent job if you sound like an ignoramus?”

“Who needs a job?” he asked mockingly. “I’ll just kill you and collect the inheritance.”

I almost choked on the drink I was now practically chugging. “Well, it’s been fun,” I said, standing up from the chair.

“Oh, are you going?” Bill said as his eyes looked me over from head to toe, lingering a little long on my bulge, which was packed tightly into a yellow Speedo. Did this guy just cruise me in front of his family? Feeling his eyes lingering on me made my cock suddenly stiffen. “Yeah, I need a refill,” I said backing away, and fled before my junk could make it to full size.

I stood at the bar waiting for another drink and willed my dick to calm down. Still, the thought of Mr. Family Man sitting there with his wife and kids and staring at me like I was his next meal sent a sexual thrill through me that I couldn’t deny. I had finally gotten my cock back to neutral when Bill came alongside me to place a drink order. I glanced down at his hand, which was inches from mine and saw his well-worn wedding ring. Another tingle ran through me.

When the bartender handed me my drink Bill said, “Let me get that for you.”

“Oh, that’s okay,” I protested.

“It’s the least I can do after being subjected to my family.” He smiled warmly. “They can be a bit much.”

“Well … thank you.” I turned to smile at him, and as I did I found his eyes searching me. He had that look — the look of a wild animal on the prowl for fresh meat. The way he was practically drooling over me made me start to get hard again, so I was momentarily stuck at the bar. He paid for his family’s drinks and carefully picked up the tray they were balanced on. Before he carried them away he leaned in slightly and whispered, “You’ve got an amazing ass.” I almost gasped for breath at hearing the sudden baritone in his voice. I turned to look at his wry grin as he walked back to the table.

“Really?” Jayden said as he perched himself in front of me and looked at my crotch. “For who?”

I motioned my head toward the table where Bill was handing out drinks to his family.

“The young one or the daddy?”

“Daddy,” I answered. “Son’s a little bitch.”

“Just my type,” Jayden quipped.

As Jayden went on about his latest romp, I kept a discreet watch on Daddy Bill, who was also watching me in between arguing with his wife. When I had finished my drink, I realized I had to pee. So I left Jayden at the bar to order another round while I made a quick trip to the men’s room. In this particular resort, it was not unheard of for anything and everything to go down in the poolside bathrooms with the attendants turning a blind eye or even joining in. The hotel even supplied condoms and lube along with towels for the adjoining showers. However, with the non-gay vacationers staying the week, the management was doing its best to curtail such activities. That just meant guys hooking up in the stalls and closing the doors instead of doing it in the open shower area. The occasional grunt or strained orgasmic moan came from the stalls, but most were drowned out by cheesy disco tunes being blasted on the speakers throughout the pool area.

I stood at the farthest urinal trying to pee, but was still semi-hard. As I ran my finger up my shaft, I pushed out a thick strand of precum that dripped onto a freshly placed “Wrap It Up” urinal cake. It took a few minutes to coax the urine out and I had barely finished when a man stepped up to the urinal right next to me. As I glanced to the side I recognized the shorts; it was Bill. He pulled the front of his loudly colored trunks down and exposed his cock. Though he was almost fully hard, he drained his lizard with no problem, keeping himself turned toward me so I could watch. When he finished he gave his dick a couple quick shakes and as if he had pushed a button, it was fully hard in just a few seconds. It was about six and a half inches, cut and had a nice girth to it. The thing that made it unique was the head — it was huge. It had to be the size of a pool table ball at least, and attached to a shaft that, while sizable, barely looked as if it could support the enormous mushroom that had flowered at the end of it.

It was then I realized he was staring at my dick, which was now fully hard and ready for action. Without hesitation he reached his hand out and took hold of my throbbing cock. I watched him slowly stroke and squeeze my dick, all the while focusing on his time-worn wedding ring sliding up and down my shaft. I felt a wave of lust run through me as I realized his wife and kids were probably less than 10 feet away from us on the other side of the cinder block wall with no clue that daddy was gettin’ busy with another guy.

I noticed the attendant watching us with a disapproving look and motioning toward the stalls with his head. I went to the counter, picked up a condom, lube packet and towel, and headed toward the stalls in the far back. Bill followed me with his hard dick still out and bobbing in front of him with each step. As soon as the stall door was closed he pulled me to him, his hands exploring my back and butt frantically. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this,” he whispered between kisses on my neck and chest. “And with someone as fucking hot as you!” I let his hands roam my body as he held me close, grinding himself against me. He licked my nipples, stuck his tongue in my ear — everything but kiss me full on the mouth.

Finally I took a step back, giving him a chance to calm down. The way he was going I was sure he would blow his wad before we even got started and I was now determined to get that big dickhead inside me! He sat on the toilet and yanked my Speedos to the floor, taking a good long look at my seven incher. After thoroughly exploring my cock and balls with both his eyes and hands, he grabbed my ass with both hands and swallowed my dick, trying to immediately deep throat me. Instead he gagged, pulled back and then started bobbing his head on my dick almost frantically. After almost losing my balance, I put my hands on either side of his head and held him still as I began to slowly face-fuck him. Each time I went in just a bit farther, getting him used to the feeling and letting him savor the taste of my cock. I pulled it out and, taking it in one hand, rubbed the head of it over his lips, his cheeks, and pressed it to his nose so he could remember the scent of a man’s cock. Then I pushed back into his mouth, this time letting him take the lead. He sucked me slowly this time, and managed to get all but an inch past his lips. After a few minutes I felt the first twinges of orgasm build and had to pull away from him.

I opened the condom, put a drop of lube on the inside and leaned forward to roll it down over his bouncing cock. Even with a Magnum, it was a tight squeeze over that head, but I managed to get it all the way on and apply a generous amount of lube. At this point he took full control, standing and roughly turning me to face the stall door. I worried suddenly that he was going to be too rough trying to get that monster inside of me, though my dick twitched at the idea and pushed a strand of precum out of my dickslit.

I grabbed the handicapped rails on the sides of the stall to steady myself as he ran several slick fingers through my asscheeks and pushed his huge dickhead against my twitching hole. As I felt his knob press against my opening, I gasped, both with the desire to have this married man’s cock buried deep inside me and the fear of being able to take it at all. I took several deep breaths, willing myself to relax. He took his time easing it into me and I bit my bottom lip through the twinges of pain from being stretched open so wide.

It seemed like forever, but finally the head was in and my hole immediately gripped his shaft. With a smooth, firm push, he slid the rest of the way into me, causing me to jerk and shiver as his thick prickhead pushed buttons inside of me I had barely known were there. At last he was pressed firmly against my asscheeks. I could feel his entire body shivering as he grabbed my hips with both hands and slowly began pulling backwards, making me whimper with pleasure. As he started a slow but steady rhythm I felt my knees weaken with each stroke, threatening to leave me a crumpled, quivering mass on the floor.

Every time he pushed himself back into me, a drop of precum leaked out of my cock; a long strand of it had run down my shaft and began dripping down my balls. I reached between my legs, finding his swinging balls and began to play with them. He let out a surprised gasp and an “Oh, fuuuck,” encouraging me to keep it up. As he started moving in and out of me faster, I couldn’t stop the noises that were beginning to fly out of my mouth at random.

The sounds I was making spurred him on and he began fucking me faster and deeper. I had to once again grab the safety bars with both hands and brace myself, as he was now slamming into me at a head-spinning pace. My legs were shaking and my insides were sending preorgasmic waves throughout my entire body. I no longer cared about where we were or the noises I was making; all I cared about was the incredible sensations this married man’s cock was giving me. He was now bent over me, his furry chest rubbing against my back, humping me at full speed with short, fast thrusts. His cock was shoved all the way in and his gigantic cockhead was banging against a hotspot inside of me.

“Take Daddy’s dick, boy,” Bill whispered through clenched teeth.

His words sent a spark through me that ignited the final powder keg. My balls tight, my body now shaking violently, I managed to contain what would most definitely have been an ear-piercing “FUUUUUCK!” into a strained guttural groan and my dick jerked and my cum started to fly. Even though nothing was touching my dick, each pump of his dickhead inside of me was like another shockwave running from the base to the tip and sending another shot flying.

I kept coming long after I stopped shooting and my hole spasming on his shaft brought him to climax in seconds. His arms wrapped around me and his hips were pistoning wildly as he grunted and groaned like a wild animal. I could feel his cock swell and knew he was filling the condom with jizz deep inside of me.

We stood there motionless for several moments, him still laying on my back, his arms still wrapped around me, but with a little less desperation. He began slowly moving his still hard cock inside of me. My cock twitched, still so hard it was almost aching. The more he moved his cock inside of me, the more my cock responded until I finally reached down and, taking my cock in hand, started stroking it. It was barely 30 seconds later before I started coming again. As I did, he shoved his prick all the way into me and held it there as I shook in his tight grip.

We cleaned up, he disposed of the condom, and after he gave me an awkward “thank you,” he left. I went to the sink to check myself in the mirror. As I did I saw one of the stalls open behind me and Jayden come out. Seeing me, he gave me a huge grin and a thumbs up. I turned to say something to him, but then out of the stall emerged Bill’s son zipping his shorts. As he noticed me, he seemed to flush a bright red and, without a word, walked out of the restroom.

“Dude,” Jayden said, leaning in, “my ass is on fire! That guy had the biggest dickhead you ever saw!”

I laughed. “Like father, like son.”