El Hombre de Piel

23452452345By Christopher Wyatt

My partner and I are average. middle-class, white suburban gays. On the lower side of 40, we have settled into a comfortable routine of Netflix Fridays, home-improvement Saturdays, and gardening Sundays. It works for us. Leaving behind a decade of bars, booze and debauchery, we’ve been together ever since — over 12 years.

You couldn’t tell from looking at us now,but in our twenties we were both party boys, hopping from bar to bar and bed to bed. Then one day I was slamming my cock into the ass of a muscle bear who was strapped into a sling when someone placed a bottle of poppers to one side of my nose, and with his other hand pushed my open nostril shut. I took a deep hit and when I turned to nod a thanks at the guy, I saw my Joey’s face for the first time. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him, and as I plowed the large, round ass of the hairy man hanging helplessly in front of me, Joey took a step forward, wrapped one hand around the back of my head, and pulled me into a deep kiss. His other hand dug two spit-covered fingers straight into my asshole. As he pushed downward, putting pressure on my prostate, I came so hard I thought I would never stop. We ended up going to a 24-hour donut shop and talked all night. That’s where we tell people we met, as telling them it was at an orgy of someone’s basement play room would just be awkward.

After over a decade of being looked at as a model gay couple — whatever that’s supposed to be — we have become … well … our parents. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Neither of us have an interest in trading our quiet, routine married life for our old party days. But the topic of opening our relationship sexually has come up several times over the past year — mostly after being propositioned by other open couples. We’ve also discussed trying a three way, but whenever we talk about it, we get so turned on, we bang the hell out of each other and the topic gets shelved.

One night in early spring we attended a fundraiser for a local charity that was held in a local leather bar. Not only did we not know anyone there, but we stood out like a sore thumb dressed in practically matching khaki shorts and polo shirts while others were in everything from leather collars and puppy play masks to latex jockstraps. We were there about 20 minutes when we noticed a rough-trade looking Latino leatherman watching us. He was unshaven with a head of thick black hair, rock hard abs, long tight legs with bulging calves. He was wearing a leather vest, leather boots and a leather jockstrap that highlighted a large package which drew our eyes back to it again and again. He looked like he had walked right out of a vintage porn movie. His brown eyes moved from one of us, to the other, scanning us up and down with an unreadable expression on his face. We tried to act as if we didn’t notice his continuous stare and hoped it wasn’t because he was ready to beat us up and toss us out of the bar.

After a second pitcher of beer, both of us had to pee. We made our way through the length of the dimly lit bar to the bathrooms where we found one stall and a long trough that ran along the length of one of the walls. There were several men loitering around the room. leaning against the back wall, as if waiting for the stall which was occupied. Joey motioned me with his eyes to the bottom of the stall where we saw the knees of one man facing the legs of another.

“Hot,” I whispered jokingly to him as we approached the trough.

Standing only a few feet apart, we both unzipped and began to pee. Midstream, we heard the men on the back wall greet someone coming into the room behind us. There was no reply, just the sound of deliberate, echoing footsteps that ended when the newcomer planted himself directly between myself and my husband. After a few seconds I looked down to see the man’s pee spraying into the trough. My eyes discreetly worked their way up the piss stream to a dark, uncut cock. I looked up to see the Latino who had been watching us, now standing between us. He was so close that I could feel the heat from his skin on my forearm. as I looked up at him, I found his gaze fixed right on me. His expression was completely unreadable. When he broke our stare, he turned and looked directly at Joey with the same unflinching, completely mesmerizing stare. My eyes went back down to his thick brown cock which was no longer peeing, but standing at full mast. Eight inches of thick, Latino cock were throbbing and pulsing just inches away.

Joey and I were both as average in the dick department as we were in life. I was six and a half inches and he was seven, both slightly above average in thickness and both cut. To see a hard, pulsing. eight inch, uncut, dark-colored dick only inches away was both a shock and a massive turn-on.

Neither of us moved, nor sure what to do. Was he just doing this to show off? Did he want to have sex? Were we both okay with it if he did? Finally, the man between us reached out, took my right hand and Joey’s left, and placed them on his warm, hard cock. We stood there, our hands exploring his dick — the first one besides each other’s that we’d touched in years. My hand on the front part of his large meat, I kept skinning his large foreskin back to reveal the large rounded head that was now beginning to leak small drops of precum.

He kept looking from one to the other, now grinning a smile that told us he — and his cock — had complete control over us. And they did. He took a step back and in one motion, with no resistance, he placed his hands behind our heads and pushed us to our knees in front of him. As he pushed us forward, our eyes met questioningly for a split second — each seemingly asking the other’s permission to service the precum-dripping monster cock in front of us. Our eyes were still locked with each other’s, as our mouths opened and our tongues began to lick the sweaty tool in front of us.

It was awkward at first, both of us stealing glances from the other, trying to assure ourselves it was okay to let go of our inhibitions and enjoy servicing the leatherman’s musky tool. We took turns, one going down as far as we could on his plump, dark shaft while the other serviced his large hairy nuts. As we switched positions, we would take a moment to let our tongues find each other’s, as if our kiss was reassurance to the other that our commitment was still intact even while servicing this Barrio stud. He just stood there, however, allowing the two of us to worship him and occasionally muttering a word or two in Spanish that that neither of us understood.

Men were coming in, peeing and leaving, some watching for a few moments and stroking their cocks. One tried to join in, but the Leatherman wasn’t having it and ushered the man away with a few terse words. He made sure anyone in the room knew that we were HIS score — we were his bitches — and we were loving it.

After what seemed like forever, the man took another step back. Looking between us, he pointed at my husband and said questioningly, “bottom?” If not for the intensity of the situation, I would have laughed. Joey nodded hesitantly and without hesitation the Leatherman pulled him up by his elbow and bent him over the urinal. Joey looked to me, eyes wide, not sure what to do. I just stared back at him, my cock getting even harder with the thought of seeing my man getting fucked over the urinal of a seedy bar by this Latino God. His shorts were yanked to the floor, his bright white ass almost glowing in the dimly lit room. It was like watching a porn movie as the Leatherman slipped a condom over his huge cock and emptied the contents of a small lube packet into the crack of Joey’s ass, making him clench tightly and let out a sudden gasp..

It was then that I realized the tall man was handing something to me. I reached out, still on my knees and took it. Opening my hand I found a condom and a lube packet. I looked up quizzically. He said something in Spanish and seeing I didn’t understand, he slapped his own ass and motioned from me to his exposed buttcheeks. He wanted me to mount him as he fucked my partner.

A huge smile crossed my face which he returned. I stood, unzipped my shorts, letting them drop and began fumbling to unroll the condom onto my raging hard cock. Suddenly I heard Joey yell out, “Fuck! Oh, fuckin’ Hell!” I stopped and watched as the stud drove his cock into my partner’s smooth, beautiful ass. Once in, he wasn’t stopping for anyone. His thrusts were relentless, and the moans and whines from my husband made it evident the Leatherman was very skilled at using his monster dick.

I moved in behind him, taking a moment to run my hand over his ass as he plowed my man. It wasn’t smooth like Joey’s, it was hairy and plump. Though the man was mostly muscle, his ample ass jiggled and rippled with each thrust. I couldn’t take it any longer. The movement of his ass, the moaning of my husband, and the guttural grunts of the man between us, I stepped up, ran several lubed fingers between his ass cheeks and moved my cock into him. He stopped thrusting, his ass moving around slightly as if trying to position itself correctly, then in an almost fluid motion, he backed his hairy Latino ass onto my cock, sucking it all the way inside.

I didn’t even have to move; I just grabbed his hips to steady myself, and he did all the work. Each thrust into Joey’s ass turned into a long stroke on my cock. He kept muttering in Spanish as he wildly see-sawed between us. I glanced at a movement to our right and for the first time noticed all the men that were now gathered, watching us. A few of stroked their cocks, but most just stood there in awe as if watching a real life porn movie. I couldn’t have cared less. I was caught in a frenzied lust that had taken control of my mind and body. I was only aware of two things: this hot bastard was fucking my husband, and I was fucking him. Nothing else mattered, nothing else existed.

My hands explored his rock hard, hairy chest and stomach as I watched my cock move in and out of his swiftly pumping ass. I was doing everything I could to take my attention away from the mounting explosion ready to erupt from my dick. But I couldn’t hold back, it was all too much. I felt like I was in a dream and the lust of the situation was overpowering me, I couldn’t stop myself from coming. My eyes rolled back in my head, my hands dug into his hips, and I was barely even thrusting as I let out a, “Holy fuck! I’m com —.”

I felt my cum filling the condom buried deep in his ass. I pulled out of him and he let out a string of what sounded like curse words as his thrusts into my partner became more frantic. I took a step to the side and watched the last few moments of my partner getting his ass rammed by that long, thick,Latino prick. Then the Leatherman thrust into my partner and held him still as he spasmed, and cussed, and shook — unloading his jizz into the condom still embedded in my lover’s ass.

The tall stud stumbled back, pulling out of my lover who turned quickly, falling to his knees in front of us and pulling the condoms from our cocks, began to suck the remaining seed from each of our still hard tools. After licking me clean, he did the same to the Leatherman, his tongue making sure to circle under the deep foreskin and clean out every last drop.

As he did this, Joey was jerking his cock as fast and hard as he could, moaning and whimpering as he got closer. The man grabbed the back of Joey’s head and pushed his half hard meat all the way down his throat. Joey gagged on the huge cock as his cum sprayed the man’s black leather boots. His face turning red, his body rocking with the last spasms of his orgasm, I thought for a moment he was going to pass out.

As soon as his head was released Joey wasted no time falling to the man’s boots and licking his own cum off them while still gasping for air. It made the Latino stud smile.

When he finished, Joey stood, reality set in for both of us. We quickly dressed and left the bar. Neither of us spoke the entire way home, but as soon as we were in bed, we fucked each other harder and with more passion than we had in years. We didn’t need any toys or fantasies or anything that night but each other.

We never really talked about that night after that, nor did we ever stray from one another again (that I know of). But every time I drive past that bar or see a Latino Leatherman, I am instantly hard with the memories of that night and can’t wait to get home to my husband.