Excerpt from my book “Odem”

I have not been able to write much over last few weeks, so I am going to post an excerpt from the book I am working on currently titled “Odem.” This piece is the first draft and completely unedited for grammar, spelling, etc. But hopefully it will entertain you. Odem is set in the 1800s in rural Europe. Odem is age 20.

The tailor was a short, fussy man with a handlebar mustache named Pouse. For being on the young side of middle-aged, he walked with a cane, and spoke with a pronounced lisp as well as an accent Odem couldn’t place. Upon hearing he was Doctor Brauer’s new protege, Pouse’s tone became jovial as he took him into the back and pulled the curtains to the front closed.

“So you’re working for the doctor, are you,” he said as he began measuring various parts of Odem’s body, stopping to make notes after each.


“He is good man.” He wrapped the tape about Odem’s chest, then stomach and made more notes. “You are fit,” he said with a grin.

“Thank you.”

“I am very fond of the doctor. I quite enjoyed attending their parties.”


“Oh yes. Oh … you would not know, would you,” he frowned a moment, stepping back. Odem was unable to tell if he were contemplating his words, or the measurements.

“The doctor and his friend, Count Padrus used to host the most wonderful Balls – some for the local folks and some more … private,” he winked as he said the word. “Such lavishness I have not seen before. Nor since,” he added sadly.

Odem found himself full of questions as the short man began gathering cloth samples to show him. Who was Count Padrus? And the way Pouse has emphasized the word “friend.” Did that mean they were together as he had been with his beloved Valdiar? And why were they … “Was that before the accident?” he blurted out, remembering Finn’s words.

Pouse turned and looked around quickly as if he were expecting someone to come rushing in. He came quickly toward Odem and leaned into him, whispering adamantly, “We do not speak of those times!”

“Wha – ” Odem started, but Pouse silenced him.

“Those were the darkest of times, my boy! Be glad you were not here to see them, and do not speak of them again, I beg of you!”

Odem noticed the man’s hand grpping the handle of his cane so tightly his knuckles had turned white. He swallowed hard. “Of course,” he said, his voice a whisper. Pouse turned the conversation back to more pleasant topics as he pulled his measurement tape from around his neck and instructed Odem to remove his pants. The boy wasn’t certain he had heard him correctly. “Why?” he asked confused.

“Why?” Pouse smirked as if he had been asked something that should be common knowledge. “The difference between good service and outstanding service,” he said making more notations and waiting for Odem to drop his drawers.

He hesitated. Because of the long trip and his lack of suitable clothing, he had been without undergarments for several days. As he reluctantly removed his pants and stood with his hands clasped loosely over his genitalia, he felt himself flush from the insecurity and embarrassment of overexposure.

Pouse, however, took no notice. He stepped up to the boy and with measuring tape in one hand and his cane in the other, moved to his knees in front of his customer. “Turn to the side.” He took the top of the top measure and held it at the boy’s waist, then pressing the fingers of his other hand to the tape, ran them slowly down the length of the leg. He then pulled away to make a notation. “Turn away,” he instructed. As Odem did, Pouse took the long shirttail and folded it under itself to leave Odem’s backside exposed only inches from the tailor’s face. Round and firm and pink, with the lightest dusting of body hair, Pouse stared hungrily at the beauty in front of him as he took his tape and ran it from the boy’s waist, across the right cheek of his ass and pressed it into his inner thigh. He held the tape there, his fingers enjoying the sensation of touching the youthful flesh. At last he said, “Turn to the front, please.” Odem did so obediently, though reluctantly. Pouse pushed his the young man’s hands away from his crotch and pushed the front of his long shirt up for Odem to hold. He then found himself face to face with Odem’s manhood. To Odem’s dismay, it had begun thickening as soon as he had taken off his pants and swollen to full size as the tailor had touched his ass.

Pouse stared at it unabashedly for some time. It was of decent size and girth, the ample head framed with a half-skinned back hood. Below it hung two tightly pulled testicles and above it an overgrown patch of thick brown pubic hair. Made even more nervous by seeing the man staring at his erection, Odem’s breath came more quickly, making him feel lightheaded. The tailor raised his tape and leaning forward, his face close enough to all but touch the head of Odem’s prick, he wrapped it around Odem’s waist and made a notation. Then holding the tape to the boy’s ankle, he ran it slowly up the inside of the boy’s leg where his fingers rubbed against the bottom of Odem’s ballsack. the younger man’s prick twitched, bouncing suddenly and pushing out a drop of precum. The smaller man wrote down the measurement, then took the end of the tape and pressed it into Odem’s balls and pushed it against the underside of his cock. Odem gasped, his dick twitching wildly several times and leaking precum onto Pouse’s fingers.

Dropping the tape as well as any remaining pretext, the tailor wrapped his hand around the swollen prick and squeezed. The palm of his hand was soft and cool against the heat of Odem’s meat. He began stroking the boy, working his foreskin back and forth over the head, the precum making Odem’s cockhead shine with wetness. With his other hand, the tailor took a firm hold of Odem’s balls and gave them a soft tug. The boy gasped loudly, then moaned, his hips bucking forward. Pouse’s hand moved faster, skillfully milking Odem’s cock with with his firm grip. As Odem got closer to orgasm, he had to hold onto a nearby shelf to steady himself. He could feel the sensations building, the juices within him moving, and he became lost in the waves of pleasure that were overtaking him as the man in front of him played his skin-flute like a master musician.

“I – ugh!” His voice failed him as he felt his orgasm start. Pouse’s wet mouth suctioned itself around the head of his cock while the man’s hands still nursed his manhood and pulled at his testicles. Blast after blast of his seed found its way into the tailor’s mouth and down his throat.

It took Odem a few moments to find his way back to reality and even remember where he was. He looked down at the tailor who had taken a handkerchief and wiped his mouth. He then picked up his notations and as if the interaction had never happened, began gathering cloth samples and discussing the colors for the lad’s trousers.