The Norwegian

3567211003_81920c8747By Christopher Wyatt

I work at a restaurant that has a sterling reputation – quality dining at an affordable price – and on any given night we see an average of 500 customers and double that on weekends. When the owners felt it was time to expand and open a second restaurant, they approached me about taking on the host position. While it would be a huge commitment, the pay bump would definitely be worth it.

On one of my days off, I was asked to come tour the new site as it was nearing completion. When I got there one of the owners was doing a walk-through with a city inspector. As I tagged along behind them watching the man go from one area to the next shaking his head and making checkmarks to a form on his clipboard, I realized he was not liking what he was seeing. I, on the other hand, was enjoying my view of him. He was in his late 30s, about 6 feet tall with broad shoulders, a strong, wide back, and muscular arms that were evident even through his dark blue dress shirt. In front his shirt was tight over his sizable pecs and what had to be quarter-sized nipples that seemed to be perpetually hard. His khakis, while hanging loose around his legs, fit snug in the crotch – perfect for showing off his package, which looked to be of ample size. His skin was fair, which made his handsome face look perpetually flushed. A ginger goatee, light blond hair and sharp almond-shaped hazel eyes gave him a strangely exotic look. This guy was all guy and a total turn-on.

When he finally spoke, I was surprised to hear a Nordic accent. Images of Rose from The Golden Girls talking about St. Olaf made me start to giggle, which I tried to pass off as clearing my throat when both men stopped talking to look at me.

“But we’re scheduled to open in two weeks,” the owner argued. “This is like a month’s worth of repairs – if I can even get the men in to redo it that quickly.”

“If you hadn’t tried to cut corners in the first place, you might be opening on time,” the inspector said matter-of-factly. He pulled a pink copy of his report from his clipboard and handed it to my boss, who looked like he was about to lose his shit. As the man started to walk away, he gave me the elevator eye — looking me over as he passed and giving me a slight nod.

I then listened to my boss call his partner and give him an earful. “Well, you better find a way to fucking fix this! It was your fucking brother-in-law — I told you not to hire him! Fine. No, I gotta — hold on.” He turned to me. “Chris, can you wait here until Martin gets here? I gotta run an errand.”


“Thanks, hon.” He turned back to the phone. “Chris is gonna wait here. Well, just get here as soon as you can.” He hung up the phone and, looking at the paper once more, began tearing up. He turned to me, trying to hide his upset.

“It might be a bit, but I’ll add the time to your check this week. Thanks again, sweetheart.” He squeezed my shoulder as he made his way out of the building.

I walked through the carpeted dining area which had been divided into eight sections with high dark-stained wood separators. Most of the seating was already in place and awaiting the delivery of the tables. Toward the front of the building was my area; a half bar with plenty of storage room beneath it. flanked on one side by a small coat check and behind me the entry to the bar where people could wait for their table. After practicing my hosting smile for several minutes while standing behind the bar, I strolled into the kitchen and imagined how it would look with the hustle and bustle of a full cooking team.

As I turned to leave the room, I was not expecting to see the blond restaurant inspector who was standing in the doorway watching me. It was everything I could do not to jump out of my skin. He immediately apologized for startling me and asked if my boss was still in the building. When I told him no, he heaved a sigh. “I gave him the wrong form; I need to switch.” He held up a yellow copy.

I shrugged unsympathetically. “He won’t be here for at least another hour.”

He slammed his clipboard against the doorjamb, then looked at his watch as if considering whether to wait, then shifted his gaze toward me. Again I saw his eyes look me over from head to toe and linger on my crotch. Finally he walked to the metal counter in the center of the kitchen, took a fresh form and began copying the information from the yellow copy. He seemed to be taking pleasure in checking as many boxes as possible. When he finally finished he came over to me and handed me the clipboard. “Sign here,” he said.

I gave the form a quick look and saw he had pointed to a line with the words “Owner Signature” below it. “I’m not an owner,” I said flatly.

“I just need someone’s signature,” he said, his accent thickening with frustration.

“Sorry, dude. You’ll just have to wait,” I shrugged.

He made no attempt to take back the clipboard, instead cursing under his breath and turning away from me. As he stood with his hands on his hips, I started looking at the checkmarks on the form, many of which were things even I knew were nitpicky at best. Reading his notes I actually scoffed, causing him to turn and look give me a dirty look. I met his terse expression with a smirk.

“You have something to say?” he asked, his voice tight as he straightened to his full height.

“Nope.” I set the clipboard down and leaned back against the counter, unmoved by his attempt at intimidation.

“These are serious violations,” he snapped.

“Oh, really?” I looked him in the eyes. “Seems more like you being a dick.”

“I bet you know a lot about dick,” he deadpanned.

I felt myself flush with a sudden intense anger. “The way you keep checking me out, I’d bet you do, too.” I was expecting him to tell me to “fuck off” or possibly even come at me, but instead he just stared at me with his nostrils flaring.

I was determined not to look away from him. Our staring contest seemed to go on for some time and the more we kept eye contact, the more I felt my body start to respond. My breathing had become more shallow and to my surprise my cock started to thicken inside my pants until it felt almost uncomfortable. My eyes still locked with his, I shifted my weight to my other leg to give my cock more room to breathe. My now raised crotch was in clear view.

His gaze eventually fell directly onto the lump in my skin-tight pants and he made no attempt to look away. With a cocky half-smile, he moved his hand to the front of his pants and squeezed to show me the outline of his hard cock. It looked to be about 7 inches and on the thick side. He began rubbing his thumb slowly back and forth over the top of it, his face flushing a deeper red as he continued to stare at me. Though I was now completely turned on by the muscle-bound blond, I was determined to force him into making the first move. I moved my hand down my stomach to the top of my waistband where I hooked my thumb and let my fingers move lower to grab my hard prick and give it a squeeze. I could feel precum pooling against my thigh.

Apparently that was enough to give him the incentive he needed to cross the kitchen and, with no warning or subtlety, shove himself as hard as he could against me. His hands grabbing my ass, he pulled me tight against him as he humped his crotch against mine. Though I had wanted to maintain an air of disinterest, as soon as his mouth found my neck and his teeth clamped down on my bare skin my legs almost buckled from beneath me.

Under his breath he was muttering what I assumed was his native language’s version of dirty talk. Whatever he was saying, it was adding to my excitement as his hands now roughly began pulling at the front of my pants. He practically tore the snap open and had my fly unzipped seconds after. Grabbing my waistband, he pushed the top of my pants down and grabbed my stiff, leaking cock with both his hands. His right hand groped and fondled my cock, my balls and pushed in between my legs as his right hand grabbed my now bare ass and pulled me even tighter against him. His desperation was almost overwhelming.

His hand left my dick and tugged at his own pants which he opened with little effort. I then had both of his large, strong hands on my shoulders pushing me downward. I ended up squatting in front of him, face to face with his cock which was an angry red color surrounded by a thick bush of pubes that were so blond in color, one might think he had no pubes at all if they weren’t close enough to have the view I did. He pulled back his tight foreskin, revealing a beautiful plump dickhead and a veiny shaft that was now being pushed unforgivingly into my mouth.

The taste of fresh sweat and clean linen mixed with the fruity scent of what must have been his body wash was strangely intoxicating and as his cockhead hit the back of my throat, I felt my dick jump and my entire body shudder. With my head pressed firmly against the counter, he drove his cock down my throat until my nose was firmly implanted in his surprisingly soft bush. He held it there until he felt me start to gag, then pulled back, letting his dick slip from my lips. With his fingers wrapped tightly around the base of his ballsack, he shoved his large red nuts, one after the other, into my mouth. They were so large I couldn’t even move my tongue as I struggled not to bite down on the bright pink, obviously shaved nutskin.

His prick pressed flat against my face, I felt lightheaded as I inhaled his unique scent. From above all I could hear were incoherent mutterings through clenched teeth. He pulled back, his balls still in my mouth and his skin stretching tight between us. He moaned loudly, his hand on top of my head, pushing me back as he stretched his balls even more. I looked up to see his eyes looking back into mine, his mouth open and gasping with each hard tug. He continued to pull back until, at last, one by one, his gigantic balls slipped from my mouth.

He immediately replaced them with his cock, driving it all the way into my throat and holding it there, his hips making quick pumping motions until I began to gag. When he pulled his manmeat out of my mouth, several strands of spit came with it, dripping down my chin as they disconnected from his throbbing red cockhead. As I gasped for air, I watched through watery eyes as he pulled a condom from his wallet and tore it open. He made quick work of rolling the clear plastic over the head and unrolling it over the throbbing veins in his long shaft. He hooked his thumb into my mouth and pushed my jaw downward as he reinserted his condom-covered cock. He pushed it in and out several times before sliding it once again down my throat and pushing my face hard into his hairy crotch.

I held his cock in my throat as long as I could, while he muttered incoherently above me. But finally as I started gagging and struggling for air, I raised my hands to his hips and shoved him backward. I coughed and sputtered, wiping a good deal of spit and phlegm from my mouth. I looked at his cock to see strands of my oral juices dripping off his steel rod. It was then he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me roughly to my feet with an almost malicious smile. Spitting in his hand he reached behind me, pulling my asscheeks open and forcefully began to probe me with his long, thick fingers.

I started to cry out, but before I could even think, he had several of his large digits pushed halfway inside of me. I lurched forward against him, but his body held me against the counter, his hands digging their way mercilessly into me, opening me. He pulled his fingers out only long enough to spit on them again and then send them deeper into me. I was trying to relax — trying to go with it — but suddenly his hands pulled away from my ass and grabbed my thighs, picking them up and positioning them on his hips. I instinctively wrapped my legs around him as his hands reached under me once more — this time to guide his cock to my spit-covered hole.

His muscular body was so large next to mine, I couldn’t help but feel completely overpowered. His lust-filled eyes met mine with a glint of dominance as he thrust his hips forward and sent the first inch of his cock into me. He stepped back, pulling me away from the counter, forcing me to grab onto his large shoulders so I wouldn’t fall backward. The full weight of my body now in his arms, my ass slid easily and welcomingly over the remainder of his pulsing cock.

His large hands gripped my thighs and began moving me in a steady rhythm up and down the length of his large meat. The strength of the Norwegian inspector astounded me. While 170 isn’t a massive amount of weight, he maneuvered me over his cock like I was little more than a large masturbation sleeve.

I locked my hands together behind his shoulders as the bouncing became more forceful. His dick, which curved up ever so slightly, at this angle was hitting several places inside my ass, which was sending massive waves of building pleasure through my entire body. I had closed my eyes as I explored the feeling of his thick red cock slamming in and out of me as he forced me to ride and fall on his meat at will. I opened my eyes as the bouncing stopped and his hands released my thighs. My arms and legs still wrapped around him, I hung there, my ass impaled on his prick and his eyes glaring into mine like he owned me. And in that moment … he did.

“You like Norski cock?” he said with an amused sneer.

Hating myself for it, I let out a breathless, “Yes.”

“Yes … you love it. All the good whores love Big Red.”

I wanted to deny it! I wanted to pop him in his smug face and storm out! The arrogance was infuriating! But the kiss he then gave me made me shiver. It started tender, his lips touching me so gently I forgot that I had over seven inches of raging hard cock buried inside me. As our lips parted, it wasn’t a deep, demanding war of tongues, but instead a soft yet purposeful circular motion of his tongue against mine.

When the kiss broke, we again looked into one another’s eyes. His expression was still one of self-assured cockiness, but something in his eyes had softened. His cock, however was as rigid as ever. He spun around, pulling my arms from his shoulders and lowering me back onto the large, cold metal workspace in the center of the room. He pulled my legs from around him, grabbing my ankles, and stretching them out so I lay completely exposed to him. His hands slipped over my calves, down my thighs and into the crooks of my legs where they gripped me tightly, pulling me to him and pushing his thick dick all the way back inside of me.

He then fucked me. A merciless, loud, no-holds-barred, fuck-all ass pounding! He sputtered and cursed in his native tongue as he rode my ass for all it could take. I completely forgot about everything but Big Red filling my exposed hole. The soft moans I started with gave way to loud cries of intense pleasure, and then I heard the words coming out of my mouth on their own. Words that begged him for more — begged him to nail me — begged to be Big Red’s good little whore. I had had amazing sex in my life, sex that left me barely able to think or speak, but what this Norwegian blond stud was doing to me was so intense it almost made me pass out.

I started coming without even touching myself. With his cock banging into me over and over, the power of his massive arms pulling me on and off his thick pole like a toy, I sent a massive spray of cum flying into the air. It hit his face, my face, my chest, the countertops, and everything in between. And once I had stopped ejaculating, my body still convulsed. The noises that came out of my throat while I came echoed off the empty kitchen walls.

I had barely caught my breath when I was pulled off the table, his cock pulled from my ass. He pushed me to my knees in front of him and he pulled the condom off his thick red cock and roughly pushed it into my mouth. He fucked it into my throat for only a few seconds before pulling it out and grabbing me by my hair with one hand, turning my face upward. With the other hand giving Big Red a final stroke, he aimed it right at my face.

The cacophony of foreign words and noises that came out through his clenched teeth started just as the first blast of his load shot straight into my open mouth. Then thick, white strands of jizz sprayed over my face, in my nose, my eyes, and again in my mouth. When he was no longer spewing, but still shaking from his climax, he shoved his sperm-covered cock down my throat and again held it there until I had to push him away, gasping for air.

“What the holy hell?”

Both of us turned to the doorway where my boss and his partner, Martin, stood with their mouths open.

I thought for sure I would be fired on the spot. But I also realized … it would have been worth it.

The inspector didn’t flinch, nor did he bother to cover himself. He picked up the clipboard off the counter and began making notations on his original sheet as I fumbled for my clothes. A few moments later he walked over to my boss and handed him the clipboard. “I think,“ he said casually, “I was not seeing things clearly. You pass. Sign here.”

My boss signed the paper while Martin couldn’t stop staring at the still erect Big Red. Then the inspector grabbed his pants and, throwing me a smile, left the room.

As I faced my boss and Martin, who finally seemed past his initial shock, I waited for the ax to fall. Instead, Martin came over to me with a huge grin, pulled out a handkerchief and began wiping the cum off my face. Once he was done both he and my boss kissed me earnestly on the cheek and forehead.

“You are getting a HUGE raise!”